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    Cube AIM SL black´n´flashred (2017)

    Новейший AIM SL восхитителен в качестве инструмента покорения любимого трейла вечерком, но его способности этим не ограничиваются. Одна из топ-моделей линейки AIM построена на высокотехнологичном, легком и функциональном шасси, поэтому байк воистину универсален донельзя. Кроме того, он отлично выглядит и так же управляется. А еще вы можете подобрать идеальное для вас сочетание ростовки рамы и размера колес.


    Байк построен на легкой и прочной раме из алюминиевых труб. Для большей жесткости при меньшей массе верхняя и нижняя имеют специальный биаксиальный дизайн – результат применения технологии механической формовки. Специально для тех, кто не смыслит велопрогулки без туристических выползок, мы предусмотрели спрятанный между перьями рамы калипер тормоза, скрытую проводку тросиков и крепления для багажника и крыльев на дропаутах. Наконец, фирменная геометрия Agile Ride буквально призывает в седло тех, кому по душе отзывчивость управления при высоком уровне комфорта.

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    Cube STEREO 150 HPA RACE 27.5+ grey´n´flashred (2017)

    We don’t follow the crowd at CUBE. Only when we’re convinced that a new trend has proved its worth, do we develop our own take on it. The Stereo 150 HPA Race 27.5+ is a perfect example. Building on the foundation of wide, grippy 27.5+ wheels, we kitted this new frame concept out with a complete set of CUBE components to make an unbeatable all-mountain / enduro bike. Limits? What limits?

    We know how to build a light but stiff aluminium chassis. The Stereo 150’s 27.5+ compatible chassis is no exception. With the special, extra wide tyres and Agile Trail Geometry (ATG), you’re guaranteed an incredible combination of agility and safe handling. Efficient Trail Control (ETC) suspension design makes a chassis that practically defies the laws of physics – efficient uphill, but blisteringly quick and stable downhill too. Internally routed gear cables, the compact Trail Motion Rocker linkage and a deep section top tube all contribute to the modern, clean looks.

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    Cube STEREO 150 HPA SL 27.5+ blue´n´flashred (2017)

    You can never have too much traction on tough trails – which is where 27.5+ tyres earn their stripes. Combined with a perfect 150mm chassis and high grade components, our Stereo SL 27.5+ is a bike that will satisfy the most demanding of all-mountain riders. Maximum trail-taming performance has just been given a new name.

    Our engineers had to pull out all the stops to accommodate both 2.8 inch tyres and 150mm travel. Thanks to our decade-long experience with aluminium frame building and high performance tubes, we were able to build a frame that is both stiff and light. By using the Boost standard for both crank and hubs, we achieved the best possible tyre clearance and huge rigidity. Just like our other 2017 Stereos – and, in fact, all CUBEs – the frame’s deep section down tube is the key to its safe but agile handling. Our Efficient Trail Control (ETC) suspension system delivers neutral, sensitive four pivot travel that effortlessly smoothes even the roughest of trails. And, of course, all cables – even the dropper post – are routed internally.


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    Cube STEREO 160 C:62 SL 27.5 grey´n´flashred (2017)

    So light, so accomplished, so versatile. The Stereo 160 C:62 SL blends our latest full carbon, 27.5in, 160mm chassis with an exclusive package of components to create a bike that's all about putting the fun into the most challenging of trails. This is a bike that'll take on anything you throw at it… and put a smile on your face in the process.


    With record-breaking low weight, the carbon frame is a technical masterpiece. But it doesn't just look good – it's also packed full of attention to detail. For starters, we gave it a lower standover height and the option to run a shock with a piggyback reservoir. Then we added Di2 compatability and the stiffness-boosting Boost148 hub system. Sturdy 7075 aluminium hardware reduces weight even more, and the Trail Rocker linkage is made from carbon. Agile Trail Geometry (ATG) gives the 27.5 a very lively ride feel in rough terrain, which combines with our Efficient Trail Control (ETC) suspension system to give a riding experience you won't believe.


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